Wednesday, October 1, 2014

10 Things You Must Have for ALL of Your Holiday Quilting Projects!

Don't you just hate it when you get excited about sewing a new project and you get everything ready just to find out you forgot something?

Well, needless to say, every sewer/quilter has had this happen at least once.  We have all had to make multiple trips to the store:)  So this year as I got started on my projects, I came up with a pretty good check list.

1.  First and foremost, you need a good supply of needles.  One of my quilting instructors told me one time that it was amazing we would spend much money on fabric, but would not change a needle until it broke. Some experts advise you to change your needle with every new project. You will spend less than $5.00 on needles, especially if you have a coupon!  And just think of the timeless treasures you will be able to create with your new needles.  

2.  Thread.  Make when you buy your holiday fabric for all of the presents you are going to make that you remember the thread!  Nothing makes me more upset than to get everything cut out and lined up, and I don't have the color of thread I need.

3.  Adhesive Spray.   Make sure you have a good bottle of adhesive.  You don't want to get ready to sandwich your quilt just to find that you are out of adhesive spray.

4.  Ruler.  Make sure to read your patterns to make sure that you don't need a special ruler.  I just did this.  I got a wonderful pattern for some holiday place mats.  Bought the fabric, got home and got ready to sew.  I was so excited.  Then I read the pattern and realized I needed a special ruler.  Now I have to wait another week until the ruler gets here.  Bummer.

5.  Pins.  Make sure to go through your quilting or safety pins,  (whichever you choose to use).   Make time to go through them to check for rust..  You may need to re-stock. 

6.  Bobbins.  Make sure to take some time to load some extra bobbins.  Nothing is more aggravating than to be in the middle of top stitching a quilt and have your  bobbin run out.  You can buy the pre-filled bobbins at any quilting store for little money.  

7.  Vanishing Pen for marking the top of your quilt.  You don't want that pen to run out when you are almost finished!

8.   Applique.  Sew On or Iron On.  Make sure you have plenty of adhesive for all of your applique.  (Another reason to read your pattern).  Can you tell I have a problem with this?  I just get too excited:)

9.  Embroidery Designs/Stencils.  If you embroider on your quilts, make sure you have all of the designs/stencils that you will need.  If you need to order anything, make sure you order in time to allow for delays.  Remember, this is the season!

10.  Rotary Blades.  You don't want to get home and get your fabric laid out, and then have a dull blade.  Yikes!

Last but not least, TIME.

 I wish I had something to share with you on how to buy more of this or how to get more.  But make sure that you allow enough time for all of your projects.  Or you can be like me and finish your last project on Christmas Eve:)  

Happy Quilting!!