Sunday, August 3, 2014

Table Centerpieces For Crafters

Every year I strive to have the best Project Linus Appreciation Dinner I can possibly pull of without spending too much money:)  I mull over making a great presentation, and who will be the guest speaker.  But the biggest problem I have every year is decorating.  How do you decorate on a small budget?

I wanted the tables to be decorated in a way that promoted our  hobby.  So I started googling everything I could think of.   I googled fabric centerpieces, centerpieces made of fabric, centerpiece ideas with fabric, etc.  I stretched my imagination to the point of exhaustion:)

I decided I would go with the old tried and true blue vinyl tablecloth with a burlap table runner.  I bought my burlap from Joanne Fabrics with a coupon and cut it into strips.  The I sewed abut an inch around the edges and then pulled the strings up to the sewing point to"fringe" the edges.

I got the cutest cotton doilies from AC Moore to put in the center of the table.  

Now for the masterpiece of all masterpieces!

I bought basked from Michael's when they were on sale at 50% off.  I used them to showplace things that every crafter has in her craft room.  

Vinyl tablecloth - $1.00
Burlap table runner - $1.99
Lace Doily - $ .62
Cute Basket - $5.00

Putting a smile on everyone's face - Priceless!


  1. So great to see you writing a blog. I have thought about trying to write one, but not yet. Can't wait to see more.

  2. I love this poem. It speaks volumes for those involved in sewing that do not know how to sew. No one really thinks about how the blankets make it to their destinations.

    Great Poem.