Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Old Ways

What will happen when the day comes that no one knows how to grow their own food, or how to sew a blanket for warmth.

It is very important for those of us with the knowledge of these things to share with those who don't.

My husband Richard and I both grew up with parents who gardened.  And we have tried to pass this knowledge to our children and grandchildren.

There is no age that is too young to learn of these things.  Lawton, our grandson, not quite yet three years old, took a trip with his Grandfather this morning to the garden.   They picked green beans, and Lawton thought this fun.  He learned that the plants he helped plant weeks ago grew food that he will enjoy eating for the next year.

For now, he thinks walking behind Grandpa is the greatest thing in the world.  And I sincerely hope he continues to think this.  But what happens when school starts.  Homework, sports, friends, those things are important.  However, children today need to be taught these things; for one day they may need it.

The old ways are the old ways, but that does not make them any less important.  Progress has come far since our parents were young; but the knowledge on how to grow food that is actually good for you should never be forgotten.

It is not just gardening that is in danger.  Pottery, Basket Making, Quilting, etc are all crafts that need to be handed down.  If you look at the age group that are active in these types of crafts, the majority are middle aged or older.  Once we are gone, will the children we leave behind remember what they have been taught?

Knowledge is not something that we should be stingy with.    All of us have the responsibility to show each other the things we know so all can be successful in their endeavors.  Let  us never grow weary of this important challenge.  Let us all join together and strive to teach the younger generations the joy and sense of achievement that comes from making something on their own.  Let us teach them they do not have to rely on a government or a grocery store to be able to meet their needs.

If we can leave them with the joy of this knowledge; we have truly left them with a great inheritance.

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